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  2. Ron Strider

    NH: Marijuana Legalization Snuffed Out In Concord

    A bill to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire was rejected by a House committee on Tuesday after legislators voiced concerns about conflict with federal law and potential health consequences for a state in the throes of an opioid crisis. Proposed before the Criminal Justice and Public Safety...
  3. Ron Strider

    Action Needed: Urge Rep. Taylor To Protect Virginia's New Medical Cannabis Industry

    In today's hyper-radicalized political environment, there is one thing nearly all Virginians agree on: Doctors should be able to recommend medical cannabis in the Commonwealth. If you live in Virginia's 2nd congressional district, you can help protect Virginia's newly regulated medical...
  4. Ron Strider

    RI: Rep. Canario's Bill to Create A Study Commission On Legalization Passes House

    Rep. Dennis M. Canario's (D-Dist. 71, Portsmouth, Little Compton, Tiverton) legislation (2017-H 5551A) that would create a 19-member special legislative commission to study the effects of legalizing recreational marijuana in Rhode Island passed the House of Representatives tonight. "The...
  5. Ron Strider

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Pushes For Federal Marijuana Decriminalization

    Democratic U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii took to the House floor Tuesday, March 21, and urged her colleagues to support the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act (H.R. 1227), which she introduced in February with Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Garrett of Virginia. "We are seeking to address...
  6. K

    CO: Rep. Coffman Floats Defense Of State's Marijuana Industry

    Denver -- Rep. Mike Coffman is suggesting he might use the power of the purse to protect Colorado's legal marijuana industry. During a telephone town hall Wednesday evening the Republican congressman was asked about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' threat to crack down on states like Colorado...
  7. K

    ME: LePage Transfers Marijuana Rulemaking Authority To Liquor Agency

    Gov. Paul LePage issued an executive order Monday that directed the state's liquor agency to take charge of rulemaking and oversight of Maine's new marijuana legalization law. On the first day of legalized marijuana in Maine, LePage followed through on a pledge and ordered the Maine Bureau of...
  8. K

    GA: State Rep Peake Seeks Statewide Vote On Medical Cannabis Amendment

    Atlanta – State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) is filing a bill to create a statewide referendum in 2018 on whether to amend the Constitution of the State of Georgia to allow the in-state cultivation of medical cannabis. The referendum on a Constitutional Amendment will require two-thirds of both...
  9. K

    Where Your Representatives Stand On Marijuana

    Election Day is less than 50 days away. Do you know where your federal representatives stand on marijuana? A lot of attention has been paid to the nine states voting on legalization initiatives this year, but November 8 is a time for every eligible adult to represent their interests at the...
  10. K

    TN: State Rep Considers Withholding Highway Funds If Marijuana Ordinance Passes

    Memphis, Tenn. - It's a smoking hot topic in Memphis, but some lawmakers in Nashville aren't too high on reducing the penalty for small amounts of marijuana. "I would hope they don't proceed in this reckless manner," said Representative William Lamberth. "I hope these laws will be discussed...
  11. R

    LA: Status Update On Medical Marijuana

    The first seed has yet to be planted, but state lawmakers are "figuratively" tilling the fields to prepare for medical marijuana. In the House Agriculture committee Thursday, Rayville Rep. Bubba Chaney questioned Ag Commissioner Mike Strain on where LSU and Southern Ag centers stand on...
  12. R

    Ohio Medical Marijuana Hearings Begin Tuesday

    State lawmakers will begin hearings on a new medical marijuana bill on Tuesday. The House Select Committee on Medical Marijuana plans to meet three times a week to vet and revise House Bill 523. The bill would establish a program allowing patients to buy and use marijuana to treat medical...
  13. R

    Florida House Grapples With Medical Marijuana

    The House will hold a floor session and take up numerous issues, including proposals that would place additional restrictions on abortion clinics and allow terminally ill patients to have access to medical marijuana. The abortion bill (HB 1411), sponsored by Rep. Colleen Burton, R-Lakeland...
  14. R

    Utah PolitiLinks: Medical Marijuana Bills Take Center Stage; Budget Numbers Released

    Debate: Medical marijuana bills After 90 minutes of debate and discussion, SB73 (sponsored by Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Saratoga Springs) made it past the second reading and will get a final Senate hearing. Madsen made seven amendments to the bill to resolve concerns, prompting a new statement from...
  15. R

    Congress Will Extend Cease-Fire On Medical Marijuana, Lawmakers Predict

    Once the Super Bowl clears out, cannabis businesspeople, activists and allies gather Feb. 13 and 14 in San Francisco for the International Cannabis Business Conference – an event packed with influential speakers, including former US Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, and columnist Andrew...
  16. R

    Rep. Earl Blumenauer: We Will End Cannabis Prohibition In Congress

    Cannabis businesspeople, activists and their allies gather Feb. 13 and 14 in San Francisco for the International Cannabis Business Conference – an event packed full of influential speakers, including former US Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, and columnist Andrew Sullivan. ICBC's...
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    How do I give people rep? I'm having trouble trying to figure this out

    Can't figure out how to give people rep. Please help!
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    2 Questions

    Hello guys / gals, so I usually try to figure things out for myself here considering just about every question has been asked before. but I've been unable to find an answer to these 2 questions. 1) how does one go about voting on the monthly contests? 2) i see that the green bars under...