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    Lighting Dilemma

    I'm only growing in a 2.3x2.3x5 tent, currently running one Mars II 400. I would like to maximize the space and use as much light as I can. Now the current Mars is less than 6 months old, so I would hate to replace it completely, but would if required. Having said that, what do you think I...
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    Don't know if seed died

    Hey there guys, It's the first time growing from seed to harvest and for this reason i bought this quickstarter set here: Easy Start When i bought it i did not see that is was supposed to go into a propagator so the moisture and heat would be regulated. So i put the quickstart set (after...
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    Happy Sticks vape pen

    I recently bought the Happy Sticks premium battery. It is very inconsistent in its operation. I keep it fully charged, but sometimes the button just doesn't do anything. I can't turn it on or change the temperature, no lights, nothing. Also the temperature setting doesn't seem to be working. The...
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    1800whps 2.4x1.2m tent - What LED to replace?

    hey i currently have a 2.4m x1.2m loft tent and i use 3x 600watt sometimes 4, im hitting like every 12 weeks around 50-80ounces between 7-12 ounce a plants 6-8 plants i relly wana swap to led im sick of mass heat issues and hps fullstop ive done small led grow with a GNMS006 was good , but i...
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    LED to replace a 600watt HPS /1000watt HPS?

    doing a new grow in a 1.2 x 1.8m tent, trying to replace a 600 or 1000watt hps system with an led somany prices and somany brands im getting lost, ive got like £400 spare if i dont get hps, does any 1 have a pannel that can do this? grow the same monsters i normlay grow ?