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  1. TorturedSoul

    Clicking on the Edit Button Initiates a Quick Reply, Instead

    This one is only a minor annoyance. So much (err... little?) so that I don't think I've ever mentioned it before. But it has been present through the last couple of forum software version upgrades and many incremental Firefox upgrades on my end. So I thought I'd mention it; if, for no other...
  2. Sun Valley

    High seeds

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone's used these guys before? Their customer service is terrible .. don't reply to mails or answer their phone. Anyone tried them or had any luck from them ?
  3. Saibot

    Stop including photos in "Reply with Quote"!

    Unless you are referencing a particular photo, please remove the photos from your reply with quotes. There is no need to replicate the photos otherwise. Here's how you do it. Look for the text that is surrounded by . Delete the bracketed IMG text and everything in between. So easy a caveman...