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  1. M

    Repotting seedlings from peat moss

    I have a sprout in a plastic cup with 75% peat moss 25% sand. I have found out that peat moss is highly acidic and would be harmful How should I act? Should I repot in regular soil? And at which stage/seedling size would a transplat be neither late nor unsafe?
  2. Blazinjones

    My first time doing a soil harvest - Need help asap - Plant has issues

    I have been doin a coco soil perlite mixture and I Ben thin on about switching 2 jus soil I am currently using happy frog soil but am wondering if I shud repot them into straight soil did I have less problems that way?? This is one of my girls tht I repot into straight soil the other day. But...
  3. H

    OK to re-pot a week into 12/12?

    hey guys, is it ok to repot a plant when it's about a week into 12/12 or will it be too much stress in which case i need to bite the bullet and just keep it stunted and flower as she is? any quick answers are appreciated since im sitting here staring at it now ready to go...heh :thanks: