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  1. H

    Flood & Drain IWS - 100% Clay - Sterile or beneficial bacteria with a chiller?

    Hey guys, ive just purchased an IWS F&D 12 Pot system with the 25mm pipes and 1 minute timer and external controller. Ive ran a RDWC system with spray bars and airstones for the last 12 months sterile. Im wondering how people run these F&D systems nutrient wise. Do people go with...
  2. Z

    Aeroponic newbie

    Hi guys. This will be my first post on my diy Aeroponic system. Please I am looking for a lot of help on nutrients and microbiology in the Aero system. What nutrient and additives are recommend for aero. Can microbes be added to res. Will add some pics of my system so long.my grow room is still...
  3. M

    DWC Topping off res PPM questions

    Hellow everyone! I've got some questions regarding topping off reservoir with water, but not with plain PH'd water, but I want to increase PPM level to some point. This is my second dwc grow, but first was just to test if I can pull it off so I was totally clueless what I was doing, yet it was...
  4. D

    Why is pH dropping

    I've got a recent problem of the pH dropping. Most recent example is 5.9 to 5.3 in less than 18 hours. Grow Equipment and Environment Strain - AK-48 Number of Plants? 2 Growth Stage? Flower - week 1.6 How Long? 4 sets of nodes on 7/20/17 Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Grow Type - Hydro Reservoir...
  5. J

    Help! Ppm's dropping a lot between res change

    2 five gallon buckets with 2 monstrous ladies 1 five gallon bucket is res that is cooled by sitting inside a refrigerator and working very well. My issue if it is one, is that in my 5th week of flower I have 1200ppm starting at res change which I do every 9 to 10 days. By mid res schedule my...
  6. gr0w

    Another pH question

    hey guys. having a Ph issue and did't really find my answer after doing about an hour of research. so here I am starting yet another thread on Ph issues :( sorry yesterday I did my res change and fill I am using R/O water in a 20 gal Underwater RDWC. Using General Hydroponics FloraSeries 3...
  7. P

    Fungus gnat in DWC?

    Noticed last night little gnat like bugs flying out of my res during change. They are 52 days old (13 days into bloom nutes). pH and ppm have been steady throughout grow with res temps ranging in low 70s. Every res change at 7-10 days it gets hydroguard and Z7 with additional boost of Z7 every...
  8. M

    NEED HELP! Black worms in the res

    Hi, today I have open my res and found this nasty black worms... I don't see any symptoms on the plant. However, in the last two weeks or so, I am trying to figure why the plants doesn't eat the nuts I'm giving her and the ppm keep raising everyday. The room temperatures are 28.6 top. In...
  9. J

    Adding a chiller

    So I'm adding a chiller to a two 5 gallon bucket system. I'm going to add a chiller. I'm thinking I can get a third 5gallon bucket as the resivoir, and two submergeable water pumps. One to circulate water between the res and the chiller, second to circulate water between res and other two 5 gal...
  10. J

    DWC Nutrient Testing

    We buy and use a lot of test meters and chemical test strips and do a lot of testing, I.E. pH, Electrical Conductivity, Nitrate-N, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Boron and Chloride to name a few popular test. All these expensive...
  11. cnile

    Shelf life of nutrients and solutions questions

    i have a bottle of floranova grow. this is a one part nutrient with a shelf life of 1 year. in it is n,p,k,ca,mg,s,fe and more. if i were to add cal mag to RO water, then this nova grow and leave it in my res (just a res, no plants) and leave it for a month or so i should have no problems...
  12. D

    Please help identify problem with White Widow

    Okay first of all thanks to everyone for looking. My setup is a 3.5 x 4 room with a 3x3 flood table with 20 gal res. Flooding four greenhouse seed feminized white widow 4 times a day for 15 minutes at a time. Perfect sun 500 led. true watt draw 213, room temps 69-79, humidity 50-60, ph 5.7-6.0...
  13. Brewer

    RDWC questions

    I'm off work for a while, so ive got some time. also have some things just sitting in the basement, so I figured id take a run at RDWC. my old mashtun from my beer making days has been down there for about 6 years, its a large coleman extreme cooler, it will keep ice cubes solid sitting out in...
  14. S

    Opinions? Week 4 since pistils - Week 7 since flip

    I've been battling all kinds of issues from stretchy plant, to high heat, to res problems. I got the res temps down, added some aquashielf, kept res temps down,`got room temp down to 80 degrees, got lights in with the buds, got ph to 5.9 and dropped ppm down to 1200 since 1700 was way too high...
  15. B

    Need Help with Girl Scout Cookies in Hydro!

    2nd-week-in-Flower-DWC-system Base-HG-nutrients, mollassas, Kool bloom cal mag soulgrow Girls-were looking lovely. at 950ppm & ph 6.5 Not sure if-from heat, or changing res. back to 750 ppm & 6.0 What can I do to fix, and correct?
  16. S

    Really severe nutrient issue - Please advise

    So it all started about a week ago, I got these little red rust spots on my leaves. It's held steady so far with some very mild yellowing leaves but I decided to change res so that I could refresh its nutrients. All of a sudden an hour later its excacerbated greatly and now is worstening by the...
  17. thedaveabides

    Need help from current & past Mills users

    The core of my issue is that my 55 gallon reservoir of Mills nutrients + a few other things climbs 1.0-1.4 pH every night since I mixed a new batch 4 days ago. Details below. I recently got myself a reservoir going so that I could quit hand mixing single gallons. My plants are mostly in soil...
  18. T

    DWC nute help

    Once I make a new res for each bucket they will drink 1/3 of the nutes and a gal of water in 24 hours. Should I keep adding nutes to keep the res at the desired PPM or should I just just add PH water once it gets low and only feed on res change?
  19. jayne

    First Ever Grow - But The Coolest Little Micro Grow Around - Spring 2016

    AKA thank the stars that AK48 is tougher than my ignorance strain-Nirvana AK 48 just changed to 12/12 light schedule 4/28 vegged ~43 days DWC medium-clay pellets using Dyna-grow nutes, Grow & ProTekt for veg, Bloom & ProTekt for flower Advanced LED DS XTE 100 grow light So, complete n00b...
  20. M

    Is it normal for pH to lower during flower?

    during most of my grow the ph of my res has always gone up, i recently switched over to flower and now the ph of my res is going down. is this normal or has something in my res changed ?
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