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    Ive recently started a new grow with a grow tent and i have a plant with droopy lower leaves thats curled abit and a little yellow i dont know if its from the humidifier that's leaving salty residue all over the stuff in the grow tent or if its from other problems.
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    Vaporizer residue

    Hiya folks... Just recently got a vaporiser and love it! Coolest! My question is, once all the vapour has been extracted from the herb, is there any value in the residue? I guess I'm old school and don't want to waste, but smoking the residue after vaporizing it is really harsh and...
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    Eat The Cake?

    Hi All, First post...long time recipient of good counsel (I think I posted this earlier in the FAQ forum...hey, I'm a noob). I just got done with my first pot glycerin tincture using that wonderful appliance, MagicalButter. I used two cups (VG/PG 50%) and an ounce of duff (already been...
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