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    Hi - Hello - Hey there - Howdy - Pleasure - Hola - Sup - Pleased to meet you

    Hello, please allow me to introduce myself, I am HerbnThumb...thanks for visiting! I'm here hoping to get some tutelage during my first grow (check out the link below for details). I have limited experience helping and observing some advanced indoor grows and as a result I got the itch. I am...
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    Greek Kalamata sativa - Guidance needed

    My first attempt has come to a point where advice will be appreciated.End of August,first photo, plants sitting at 3 ft,I felt I had to prune some of the leaves.Too big.The result is as it stands at 4 1/2 ft,flowering.Organically grown up to now, and natural, but not direct,sun.What am I to do...
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    First Grow - Crop King Seeds NYC Diesel

    Here is the result of my first grow. Germinated 2 seeds, both germinated a-ok. Tried hydro with one, soil with the other. Hydro died week two because I suck. Here is the final result as I started to flush and then dry.
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    One plant seemed to change sexes and got all my girls pregnant! Full of seeds!

    It would appear that I made a big mistake and put a female plant into a grow tent with other Females (on a different light cycle)! I think this shocked the plant I moved in and it flipped to Male? Is that possible? That is what seemed to have happened! Well as a result all my girls look like...