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    Cheapest Cobs available in Europe

    I want to know what are the best and cheapest led cobs in Europa and can I reuse my old water cooling system from my old pc?
  2. R

    Can I reuse soil?

    I was wondering if i could reuse soil, or is the salt build up to high to resuse And if i can how?ps...im using ffof
  3. S

    Peat Pucks - Reusable?

    can you reuse peat pucks from clippings that failed to root if they are dried out or is there a big chance for mold/fungus to grow?
  4. H

    Reuse of potting soil recommended?

    Hi Guys, I'd like to hear your opinion if it is reasonable to reuse the potting soil of a recently harvested plant/bucket? My plan is to cut the whole clump of soil and root into smaller chunks and put everything on the compost for a few weeks. Good idea?