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    Early miss reveg January 2 2019 Day 15 since chopping all growth
  2. elunex

    Accidental Reveg: Harvest Or Wait?

    Today's been a rough day... I went into my tent to see that 2 of my 3 plants (Master Kush & Double Cheese) were showing signs of reveg, the Master Kush (pictured below) is by far the worst of the the three. I must have knocked the timer switch while installing a dehumidifier a week and a half...
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    Sativa hybrid clone in reveg
  6. FelipeBlu

    Auto Jack 2: A Re-Veg Story

    Well, if you’ve followed the last grow, you may recall that I harvested the Auto Jack on May 6 at 112 days. So, after a couple of days drying out in the dark garage, I put the remains in the backyard portable greenhouse, provided lightly-fertilized (350ppm of 3N-1P-3K w/ CaMg and Si)...
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  8. Pinktiger777

    Pinktiger's Third Reveg - Come Along For The Ride!

    Hello, and welcome to my first journal and my third reveg of this plant. I will post the entire grow, and show pictures as we go. At this date, my plant has been revegging for one month. Here's a picture of one of the large buds from the January 1, 2018 harvest: The strain is Mazari Grape by...
  9. wwhateley

    WW's 2nd Grow - Borderliner XTRM - 2x2 - Single Plant- LED - Reveg?

    Hi everyone and welcome to my second journal, growing for the second time the Borderliner XTRM strain! My setup : Lights : 200W HID equivalent LED panel Tent : Secret Jardin 60cmx60cmx190cm Extraction/intake/filter : RAM fan 100mm 277m3/h for extraction and a VENTS 150mm 200m3/h...
  10. greengostarr

    My Mystery Indica Reveg

    So, as a quick intro to this journal, I'll give you a little of my background and the background of this grow. I have only really grown outdoors before in a very hot and arid environment. My only real experience with indoor growing was about 30 years using fluorescent. However, due to the...
  11. greengostarr


    I'm kinda new to hydro (and this place - just regged) and revegging, but an outdoor grower for decades. I looked for some info here on revegging, but didn't find what I was looking for (yeah, I know, damned noob!), so figured I would start one here. So, a little background. Quite...
  12. madmarv0525

    MadMarv Is Moving On Up - 2nd Journal

    Hello all let me first say thanks again to everyone here! Without the help and info from the people here I wouldn't be where am. So I have been using nutrients from a company called rx green solutions, and they recently came out with some additives as well. I have noticed no nutrient...
  13. F

    Bubblegummer Grow V2.0

    Strain: Female Seeds "Bubblegummer" Feminized Flowering time: 56 days Height: 60 - 80cm Seed to Harvest: 77 days Harvest: high Taste / Smell: Sweet and fruity bubble gum odour and taste Primarily Sativa Currently in Re-Veg for 26 days Grow type: Hempy Bucket Bucket size: 2 gallon Medium...
  14. C


    So i decide to reveg my plant, is there will be any issue? I'll be glad to see any advices As you can see one of branches has no any green left, will that branch die?
  15. unforgiven

    Unforgiven's 45 Gallon Chunky Cheese Reveg Experiment

    Hey all. Longtime lurker, first time journal writer here, lol. so bear with me please. not my first grow but first real attempt at a journal. having read and drooled over many here, I feel inspired. let me start by apologizing for my lack of caps.....I started but alas I cannot force me brain...
  16. D

    Reveg a flowering clone with pics

    Hi All, Here are a few pics of a clone in flower starting to reveg again! :thumb:
  17. I

    can I do this?

    got this form a friend an im litlery bout to start a new grow so was woundering can i still re veg the end of this plant even tho theirs already small bus ??
  18. B

    Reveg after 30 days of flower - outdoor grow

    This is a black cherry that I just couldn't keep healthy, so I put it in the ground to give it one last fighting chance. I had this plant under a 1000 watt bulb and was into flower for a month. I used fox farm for veg. and beastie bloomz for the flower stages. After I put it in the ground under...
  19. C

    BlueBerry Bush - Reveg Clone - Spider LST & SCRoG

    Hello this is my 8th grow so far haven't reached the 1g per watt goal. I have crossed plants and harvested 1000s of good northern lights seeds. I have two BB clones from an adopted plant my co worker needed gone. Over the years i have 100% clone rate with just tap water and a bubbler with...
  20. GreenH0rn

    How and why to reveggitate?

    Hello everyone I saw today that you can re-veg the plant? What are your thoughts on that? Useful or not? (SOIL)
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