1. GorillaGlue7-4.jpg


    Small ball of a plant
  2. Do-Si-DosCookies7-5.jpg


    This strain doing so well in 110+ summer heat
  3. Cream&CheeseCBD7-4.jpg


    She's doing sooo much better now
  4. I'mOne

    Do i cut the fan leaves off?

    Ok this is my first time re vegging. I cut all the buds off then put her in a smaller pot and trimmed the roots. Flipped lights before I did that. She has a small cluster of leaves started. Should I cut the stalk off or just leave it and the fan leaves as long as they are green?
  5. Whoberry Haze #1

    Whoberry Haze #1

    This plant has revegged , moving it into the green room to continue veg state.
  6. C

    Re vegetation?

    Plants were inside 20 hour light cycle then taken outside once hot enough. 2 started flowering smelling really good but not making actual buds just trichomes and peices of a bud. So should I cut off what has thc and make some oil or let it keep growing and see what happens when 12 hour days...
  7. 20181229_164632.jpg


    Early miss reveg This plant was not doing so well at all but after chopping all of the mutated ugly growth off and basically re potting a stick all of the new growth is beautiful December 29 2018 Day 11 since being stripped off all growth.
  8. ACB152C3-EAB6-42F7-A765-2D7C55B18073.jpeg


  9. A

    Help - My plants reveg on 8th week of flowering

    Hello guys On the week 8 flowering (of 12 weeks) I start to notice that the leaves are starting to reveg. The tops are foxtailing...but with leaves and not with buds. Then I checked my timer on the night time, and I realised, that it's now working anymore, that means, my plans was always...
  10. L

    Ever revegged a plant by accident? lol

    half way through flowering. timer switch flipped to always on by mistake! doh! not sure when? 1 to 2 weeks ago maybe.. revegged single leaves developed and pistols turnt half orange. new shoots are sprouting all over the tops. flipped it back to 12/12 today. what happens now? dont...
  11. K

    $3 DIY fabric grow pots

    3 different sizes of DIY fablic pots. cost $3 each set plus tax to buy. Got them for two places, the 99 cents store for every thing except the red/blue container, laundry basket with holes in the bottom and the pillow cases I got at Dollar Tree. The stand the baskets are sitting on is not sold...
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