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  1. Revegged Animal Cookies motherplants

    Revegged Animal Cookies motherplants

    Mars Hydro tent and 2 Mars eco LED's for reveged Animal cookies motherplant on right, on left plant im giving away
  2. 20190110_224626.jpg


    Top view of early miss January 11 2019 Day 25 in Puggs closet
  3. 20190102_165735.jpg


    Early miss reveg January 2 2019 Day 15 since chopping all growth
  4. Flagirl

    Purple Haze auto frosting up

    This girl literally snapped in half at six weeks.Rootone and hope and here we are with just over two weeks to go!
  5. 7CDD3712-03DF-498F-81F7-7C4331DAE4C6.jpeg


  6. P

    High-Rise Low Budget - Indoor Sun/Lights Grow & Reveg - Storm Trooper

    High Everyone :volcano-smiley: This will be my second journal...the first one of which I'm sad to say was abandoned as I had some drainage issues and the plant died. But both grows have been in my high-rise condo that is fortunate enough to have ridiculous amounts of natural sunlight...
  7. D

    Purple Maui Revegged Bonsai - Ds200 LED - DIY DWC - Ridiculous LST

    Hey all, been lurking for a while, so I thought I'd finally pitch in and join the community! Just wanted to prove that just about anyone can do this if they try! These plants are amazingly forgiving and resilient, and we can learn so much from them as we grow alongside them! Now for an...
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