1. Greenwing blunt

    Completed The Start Of A Re-Veg

    Ok here we are again lol, I am about to embark on another grow journey, a reveg to be more precise. Ok we have the big lady from my previous grow and the little lady from the previous grow plus three clones from the big girl. Your probably wondering way I kept the hami lady and I will give you...
  2. M

    Lighting clones & re-veg

    I live in a tiny condo and am forced to use my kitchen as my veg room. Have north facing double slider for glass. Question. Can I run my T5 and 400 during dark hours and use natural daylight to achieve 18 and or 24 hours of lighting? How should I set up lighting. This will be a multi purpose...
  3. COgrower

    Completed Zombie Goat - The Re-Vegging 2015

    After a successful harvest of the Golden Goat, but unsuccessful cloning, has led me to re-vegging her. After I took off the big buds, I left some of the lower buds like what Pigeons420 did when re-vegging his Hog. I put her under 24 hours of light to kick start the vegging process. Once I...
  4. D

    Premature Flowers

    Help, 1.) Why are my outside clones flowing premature? They were planted on March 12, 2015. 2.) The plants are now starting to rev egg, whats up with that? Here are some photos to look at, any input will really be appreciated.
  5. L

    Will revegging a fertilized female be more prone to produce a hermie?

    Finally started growing my own plants. Made the mistake of planting them outside too late. They were very small and stopped growing after flowering. Two females that just had a single tiny bud on top. My dog smacked his head off of a nearby male (for my first grow i felt it best to grow both so...
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