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    Indica hybrid reveg
  2. B

    Reveg after 30 days of flower - outdoor grow

    This is a black cherry that I just couldn't keep healthy, so I put it in the ground to give it one last fighting chance. I had this plant under a 1000 watt bulb and was into flower for a month. I used fox farm for veg. and beastie bloomz for the flower stages. After I put it in the ground under...
  3. rattlerr

    Revegging a Outdoor

    I live in florida where in the winter time it might get down into the low 40's, but I what I was going to try and do is to harvest one of my medium size plants. Leaving as many leafs on the plant as possible and only take the cola's or 97% of the Colas off the plant. Then through the winter...
  4. trichomes

    Will they root?, if I bury this plant above the lower branch nodes.

    If I add 8 inches of soil so the lower branch nodes are covered in dirt, do you think roots will come out of the branches? I want to keep this strain alive to make it a mother for cloning. I'm thinking if I add a (8-10" tall) pot with the bottom cut out (and a slice top to bottom), put it...
  5. A

    What is bolting? What causes it? And how to stop it?

    what is bolting? what causes it? and how to stop it?
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