1. M

    Calcium versus Magnesium deficiency

    I was unable to find a good reference to show the difference between a Calcium deficient plant and a Magnesium deficient one. Experience is the best teacher and I have learned now to tell the difference. These images are as much for my reference as everyone else's. The past ten days I've...
  2. D

    Does anyone know how to reverse Nitrogen Toxicity?

    One month into flowering i fed them to much nitrogen, is there a way to reverse?
  3. D

    Seedling growing backwards

    After a disastrous first attempt where I lost 4 strains (2 of each) I finally got the germination/temp/RH factors under control in my growbox. With my second attempt I have a Black Indica thats sprouting nicely, a crown royale i just potted and now I have a Northern Lights Auto that seems to...
  4. MegeBudz

    What water to use?

    Hey all... About a month into my grow and have used nothing but distilled water in my ebb and flow system (coco/clay pellet medium). Been doing some reading and I see two different camps on distilled water... some say don't use it.. others say do. The reason I went with distilled is because...
  5. R

    Ill Effects after smokin'

    I was just wondering what ill effects people get from marijuana after smoking it. Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to it? What are your analysis on the occurance? ME personally, I think that whatever you have floatin around in your body/system/head WILL effect your high. Such examples...
  6. C

    Anyone know how to change a male plant to female?

    I have just pulled two out of my three beautiful Thai plants! It hurt me soo bad, I have ten cheese females and 8 OG master kush females but it was the seeds I got for free from gypsy nivana seed bank, they were Sam the skunkmans Thai haze x skunk #1 and 3 out of 5 popped and I've been...
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