1. R

    Seedlings going lime green - Details & photos included

    Hi all- My seedlings have had a bit of a rough go of it; I've been chasing ph around due to so off brand hydroton I think. At this point I've stabilized it to 5.5, and am looking for input. From the threads I've read this looks like either a nitrogen, sulfur or maybe cal mag def, but perhaps...
  2. O

    Rez change

    Sup 420 Today I'm doing my rez change and thought I would try something new. Being this is only my second grow and I never flushed my girls until the end of harvest. I heard that is something that needs to be done during the plants veg and flowering cycle. So what I decided to do is, on every...
  3. Lazarus13

    Beneficial bacteria assistance

    I put this question in the DWC section of these forums. It has a lot of views but no answers yet so i figured i would try it here as there seems to be a lot of traffic in faqs. I have a 12 gallon top-fed dwc system currently with 2 seedlings getting ready to enter the 1st week of veg. Rez...
  4. N

    What are my ladies trying to tell me?

    Hi all, Been playing around with MJ for a couple years. Currently trying my first hydroponic nft grow. Stain phyco crack Currently 3 weeks in to flower 20l Rez kept between 17-19 degrees C. Ph sitting comfortably at 6.0 Ppm 950 including my 300ppm hard water. Canna Aqua flores a+b...
  5. G

    What's the difference between a sterile rez and a beneficial rez?

    hi guys, the question is in the title ^^ i think i'd prefer running a sterile res - sounds simpler - but i'm not really sure of which nutrients to buy as none of the labels refer to the solutions as sterile or beneficial. i've been looking at the advanced nutrients range but need some to...
  6. T


    Any help would be appreciated. I converted a dehumidifier into a water chiller for my rez. Works perfect. It chills way beyond the plants needs. My problem: can't seem to find the sweet spot in the humidity dial to get to my desired temp. Ive mico adjusted it to the point i can't adjust it...
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