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    Never mind took the old humidifier again to try and it’s not broken hmm so my temps are now here should I remove the baggies now ? Since rh is 65%+?
  2. InTheShed

    Rice Balls to lower RH in jars

    Let me start by talking about the success of @Scientific's oven-dried rice suggestion. :thanks: HOLY MOLY! Toss out your silicone beads and your store-bought desiccants. If you need fast and extreme dehumidifying, GO WITH RICE! The basic info is that rice took the RH in the jar from 75% to...
  3. swwilson20

    Question regarding transpiration and RH

    Alright so I thought I had rh% figured out when my plants were small and being suffocated from too much love..That and Lady Winter is starting to show her teeth in my part of the world and I'm having to heat my apartment up via the fireplace or the heater, or both.. I'm noticing a severe drop in...