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    My 2 new seeds have just sprouted above the soil and lost there seed shells, when shall I start giving them rhizoctonic and how much dosage and when shall I start giving them nutes?
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    Canna rhizotonic

    Hi peeps, Just wondering if I would be safe to give rhizotonic to me wee sprouts? I know you aren't supposed to give nutes for the first couple of weeks but I'm not sure about this. Thanks They are Northern Lights autos by the way.
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    Plant droopy - Looking for some advice

    Temps 75 to 79 RTH 57 70 Res temp 68 to 71 Using Water Bottles To keep down No nutes Just 40 ML of Rhizotonic Ph was 6.0 to 6.5 lowered a little last night to 5.6 5.8 Light was 24 from tops moved up a little sunday to 28 (LED) PPM 105 Plant is 1 week 4 days old from seedling sprouted...
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    Has any body ever use rhizotonic from canna

    just wondering is it a good product for roots and clones becuae it says that it help cutting on the back
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    Sexing - Any suggestions?

    Hi 420 Guys and Girls, I have three White Widow plants that are now 14 full days into 12/12 light cycle but I can't see any signs of sex yet. How long does it normally take? Is this peculiar to White Widow? I'm using Canna Aqua Flores with added Rhizotonic pH is 5.6 and EC 1.56...
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    24/0 veg cycle? Eye Hortilux Blue 400 Watt - Ice Cream/Candy Purple clones

    Hello 420Magazine people, I am currently running a Deep Water Culture/Aeroponics Flow and Drain System. I have 4 clones in one reservoir. Water is about 1 inch from the bottom of planters. Two air stones and a big air pump making things nice n bubbly in there. Its like a 15-20 gallon blue...
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