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  1. C

    Getting MMJ in RI : Help! Need advice/information - Thanks!

    Hey everyone, I'm Chris and am new to the site. I've used it before to read up on some things, but just made an account tonight and am posting for the first time. You all seem like great, helpful people on here so I can't wait to here what you all have to say and hopefully someone can help! I...
  2. B

    B & B: Where patients find compassion

    Many who suffer from debilitating health conditions in our state, even those who clearly qualify for medical marijuana under Rhode Island regulations, cannot find a doctor willing to provide them access to the program and the care they deserve. Fortunately, there is now a solution for these sick...
  3. new2RI

    New to Rhode Island

    Hello All, Nice to meet everyone here. I look forward to the great discussion on this matter of importance that can change our world. Hopefully, also I can meet people within the New England area to network for projects, meetings, etc. I'm located near the Providence, RI area; and I...
  4. W

    How do I get a medical marijuana growing license in rhode island?

    So basically, I want to grow medical marijuana and I know you need a license, but I don't know how to apply. Can anyone tell me how to get one?
  5. C

    WHO are you?

    Hey out there, cosmonauts. I'm Stu, master of the Hookah arts (though I rarely use it for herb as it tends to gum up the works more than I'd like).
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