rice hulls

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    Flowering Stage Update! Beautiful results so far

    Vegged indoors since February under LED and then moved outdoors in early July for flowering 8 parts CoCo 2 parts worm castings 1/2 part guano 1/2 part blood meal 1 part rice hulls 1 part perlite 1part vermiculite 2 tbsp p/g/s Fish Bone Meal Mychorr Azomite Doolomite Earthworm...
  2. Perfect Sun LED

    They said you couldn't grow in bark as a medium

    These are just two of the autos I grew in 100% soil amendment, which is fir bark, rice hulls, etc. No peat moss, no coco. It looks just like bark mulch, but it has some bat guano and stuff in it. It clearly works.
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