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  1. C

    Needing guidance with making RSO / Rick Simpson Oil in the UK

    Hi everyone, I'm a total newbie to this site, so hoping this is okay to post here. I am looking to produce RSO / Rick Simpson Oil for the first time, on a small scale for personal use, and would really appreciate some guidance, because I've read so many conflicting articles and advice online...
  2. D

    Cancer and Cannabis Oil

    Hi, I have been taking Cannabis Oil and have stage 4, grade 2 Neuroendocrine Cancer. I had an operation recently to remove 4 of 6 metastatic tumours found in my liver. When removed the tumours presented themselves as smaller than were seen on the MRI scan and the histology shows the...
  3. F

    Need urgent help - Rick Simpson Oil side effect

    Hi Friends, My mother is suffering from cancer. she has cancer tumor in kidney and left foot thigh. exactly 1.5 years back she was diagnosed with throat cancer and we had a surgery for that but six months we find out that cancer started spreading and tumors were found in multiple places as...
  4. Julie Gardener

    Cancer-Gate: Cannabinoid Research & Tribute to Rick Simpson 1 of 6

    An hour long phone discussion with Rick Simpson while showing cannabinoid research facts and information. CANCER-GATE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 6) CANCER-GATE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 2 of 6) CANCER-GATE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 3 of 6) CANCER-GATE - The Rick...
  5. 420

    Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story

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