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    Hello! I'm excited to join this page. I have questions about the YAK oil (Rick Simpson Oil). Where should I post my questions? Thank you!
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    Which seed or strain is used to make medicinal oil

    Please can you tell me which seeds do I need to buy to make rick simpsons cannabis oil
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    Drug test after using Rick Simpson Oil

    Will i fail a drug test after using rick Simpson oil
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    MA: Travel Guru Rick Steves To Tour State For Pot Legalization

    Boston - Travel guru Rick Steves is kicking off a tour of Massachusetts in support of a pro-marijuana ballot question. On Tuesday, Steves will appear at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst at an event sponsored by the UMass Campus Cannabis Reform Coalition. On Wednesday, Steves plans to...
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    South India cannabis strain for Rick Simpson Oil preparation

    Hi All, I'm helping my 80 year old dad who is fighting with aggressive Liposarcoma in his tummy. From the material we got in southern part of India (near Vizag), we aren't sure if it is Indica or Sativa dominant. The smokers say it gives both high and sedative effects. We are confused...