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  1. K

    How to use Cannabis the right way?

    Hello Everyone! I wanna know how to use Cannabis right way, but I have no idea! Someone give me a advise! thanks a lot!!:420::420:
  2. Lucifer86

    The Chicken Coup - Rooster's Farm Affiliate - DWC Bucket Grow

    Haopy Holidays everyone....im finaly taking the time to start up my new grow journal, Former GC forum user here.i utilize my spare bathroom in my shower to obtain a 4ft by 2ft bloom space at 4ft high. And veg space on bottom at 3 ft high. Im only a year in and am begining to discover the...
  3. R

    New guy - Old grower

    ......want to say Hello, and peace to everyone at the 420 forum......new guy here, looking for info and looking to share my experience with growing. Diagnosed with Parkinsons,...it put me in a wheel chair, and took all my freedom....but with the right strains.......Im walking talking and living...
  4. J

    Otterly Spaced

    High everyone. JayTheOtter here. Been smoking for a long time mainly to avoid he cluches of prescription medication. Also am by no means a connoisseur but I do love me weed that get the job done right and calm the near crippling social anxiety haha. Have a fantastic day if you are reading...
  5. P

    Any advice?

    Hello guys and gals! Firts time posting, been lurking for some time. Great community:circle-of-love: I have some bagseed growing for about 2-3 weeks on 24/0 with some low budget cfl's and i just got a timer. I was trying to set it up for 18/6 and i accidentally dind't turn it on:27: ... now...
  6. S

    Grow Box With CFL

    Right now i have 2x23w cfl 6500k 1600lums and they're cover only 1 plant right now my plants to small to have the fan blow on it and its stay a decent temp when the lights on but when i give it the 6hr of dark it gets really cold and idk what todo to keep it warm enough so she doesn't dye
  7. A

    Paul McCartney Rabbit Hole

    THE best thing on the internet right now. YouTube
  8. tom420

    Potting up in coco - What's the point?

    Hello fellow growers, I have finished my first grow just a few months back. Thanks to this forum it was a huge success for a newbie like me! I have pulled 230g dry bud off of just one Skunk #1 Auto plant! I wasn't expecting that at all. I grew it in coco. Following advice on this forum I didn't...
  9. P

    Right flowering time?

    Hello, I'm in that time window when I don't know if it's too early, or too late. I would like to harvest at the perfect time so I'm here asking you if she's still got some days to go or if it's time to chop. She's a super skunk autoflower, producers say it should be ready in 60-70 days...
  10. K

    Newbie Needs Advice

    Hello Friends. This is my first time at gardening. I'd like to know should I pull off those big leaves? What strain am I growing? I just started using Espoma Triple Phosphate, is that right to do? She is in week 3 of flowering. Thanks :)
  11. B

    the fan flowing air threw the light

    the image is to the side but is this correct? also does the position where the light screws in matter...for example if you look on my diagram, the threads of the bulb are on the right. would it matter if the threads were the right side with the same direction airflow :420:
  12. G

    Hi All! Newbie Greengrower from Canada

    Nice to be here! Good to have a great reference place. Although I am not new to Gardening; I am new to growing my own medical as its just so much more cost effective.(or so I hope if I do it right). Took waay too long for my cert but I have it now so hopefully will have a medical batch for...
  13. G

    Can I feed right after I've done a flush?

    After doing a flush, so I can check my pH, should I consider that a watering or can I adjust my nute solution, if needed, and go right to a feeding?
  14. C

    PH fluctuations

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is a common problem with you guys or if I'm doing something wrong, but whenever I get the water right for my girls whenever I test it again before the next watering its changed and normally dropped. How can I stop this so it stays the right PH in my watering...
  15. idlewild

    Plant change after moving - Should I be concerned?

    Hey folks, I wanted to get some opinions here. I recently moved my two plants under a new more powerful led light and they have certainly shown a lot more growth but the one on right right seems to be showing some slight drooping in some spots and a little discoloration. The soil is definitely...
  16. F

    CalMag or not?

    straightforward question from a newbie, Im using Floranova bloom from the start of my grow, do i need to add calmag or not? Seems theres a lot of mixed opinions out there,:helpsmilie: and would i be right in saying that while the plants are small use half dose of nutes ?
  17. Dwight Monk

    Node spacing and sex

    Doesn't help that I can't see all that well anymore, getting old sucks ;) . One on the left I can see pistils even though not in Flower yet, one on right I can't tell sex at all. As both same strain (well same package from place I got them anyway :19:. So is that one a male or does that not...
  18. M

    Buffalo leaf hoppers

    Smashing 2-3 per plant both morning and right before sunset, I know they stab and lay eggs, those bitches. What can I do to make them f right off?
  19. K

    Can't get it right!

    Ive sprouted 4 seeds in an inhert medium (peat moss, sand and perelite) as everything I have read indicates that seedlings dont need any nutrients for the first two weeks at least. The first set of spiked leaves on my seedlings are turning yellowish white. They are under 200 watts of cfl all up...
  20. dieselskunk

    Mass House repeals and replaces Nov Ballot - And wants fingerprinting for workers

    Well leave it up to the greedy bastards on Beacon Hill. The Ballot passed last Nov has been repealed. Now they have a 28% tax not 12% . Thank this jack wagon ; Rep. Mark Cusack, the House chairman of the Marijuana Policy Committee. They also want fingerprinting of anyone owning or working in...