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    What is left of the bomb seed girl
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    Rip male white widow x atf @[301117:@TheMadDabber] day nine since flip confirmed male on my garbage bin and in black garbage bag .
  3. RIP


  4. M

    Attention! Don't be a Richard Cranium!

    So I had some bugs on a couple girls I had outdoors...... Odd critters that were making holes everywhere and fast! My two precious babies were in trouble I got a not-so-bright idea that Dawn dish soap and a sprayer at night should do the trick. Treated them both at night after...
  5. Cannafan

    Flowers for Tim

    Re: Fallen Warrior - Tim '420 Motoco' I couldn't be there, but I sent these to Tim's service today: Rest In Peace Tim, and Deepest sympathies to Mo and Family.
  6. R

    general smokin

    Has anyone noticed how the smoke you exhale has a light blue tint to it? I have carefully observed this many times, and have came to the conclusion that it is the blueish tinted smoke you exhale that contains that green goodness in it. It came upon me when i was hot boxing a car with some...
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