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  1. DazedSpirit

    Question about ripen and flush timeline when using GH: 8 weeks in flower

    Hey everyone! So this is a bit long winded but stay with me lmao. I have only done this once before and had a plant mishap that forced me to cut everyone down early ( the net holding the plants broke). So I did not get to flush. Now I am reading up a bit more about the end of flower and...
  2. M

    Ripen or not ripen?

    Hey guys, im new to this forum. i got 1 question to the experienced growers now my fertilizers setup for the bloom phase is sensi bloom a+b vodoo juice b 52 big bud bud factor x sensizym all from advanced nutritients,now i got a lot of the stuff for the girls but i also bought a...
  3. C

    Should I use Ripen - Words Of Wisdom Please

    I have 3 different strains ranging from 7 weeks to 10 weeks, I would like to harvest them all at the same time so I was going to introduce Ripen at week 7 to harvest at week 9, why you ask, well I am unsure which strains are which as they are all from the Kush family and it has become very hard...
  4. M

    When do I encourage ripening? General Hydro

    I have a 4 gallon DWC setup running Flora Series nutes. Im growing master kush, its estimated flowering time is 7-9 weeks. I'm currently 39 days in. About 5 1/2 weeks Im using the feeding schedule provided by GH The problem is the feeding schedule assumes the plant has a flowering stage 12...
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