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  1. D

    Need Help with Nute Deficiency - RO Water

    Environment Info Strain - AK-48 Number of Plants? 2 Growth Stage? Flower - week 1 How Long? 4 sets of nodes on 7/20/17 = 45 days Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Grow Type - Hydro Reservoir Size - 35 gals capacity, 28 gals to refill to 1/2" below net pot Reservoir Temperature - 68 ±0 (Active Aqua...
  2. McSmokin

    Plants are starting to get mad

    What do you guys think, pH issue? Im growing 60/40 coco/perlite mix. Feeding about 940 ppms at around 6.0 pH once a day. Also foliar feeding as soon as lights go out with a few drops of seaweed extract per 12 oz of RO water. Its mostly effecting only one strain, as I have three plants/two...