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    Alice O'Leary-Randall Crusades For Medical Marijuana

    Were you to run into Alice O'Leary-Randall in Sarasota, you might not think her remarkable. At 68, O'Leary-Randall is a youthful-looking retired hospice nurse and amateur photographer–but she's much more. In many parts of the world, including this country, she's known as the First Lady of the...
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    MA Couple Accused Of Growing Pot Get Medical Card

    An Atkinson couple accused of cultivating and possessing more than seven pounds of marijuana requested a continuance in their court case Friday, after being issued a medical marijuana card earlier in the week. Robert Zdrada, 65, and wife Valerie, 60, were arrested in October after police...
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    Special Thanks & Please Welcome Robert Celt, Our News Moderator!

    Please join us in welcoming Robert Celt formerly known as TheCelt into his new News Moderator position! :cheer2: Robert has been instrumental in assisting others with finding what they are seeking and assisting growers to cultivate their medicine. He now takes on a brand new role of...