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  1. bigbudz90

    Incredible Bulk, DWC, Rock Nutrients

    Ok so considering the last journal was my first and a mess to read i decided to repost grow #5 in a neater format to follow. Later this afternoon after water change ill post a update. ----GROW NUMBER 5---- WEEK 3 June 17th Clones transplanted Had some issues in week 2, wont go into detail but...
  2. bigbudz90

    Introduction & New Grow: Incredible Bulk DWC Grow, ROCK Nutrients

    Why hello fellow growers, stoners and alike! Ok so ive been growing for some time now and wanted to share some of my experiences, and of course gain new knowledge from all the amazing 420 peeps! so why not journal this grow which im currently entering week 3, also im going to share my mistakes...
  3. C

    FoxFarms - Coco Loco - Rock Nutrients Line - CFL - Grow Journal

    Wassup!!! This is gonna be my first grow lemme jump right into the details!!! Im going for a little closet grow dimesions are 3x3x4. I started this grow on 1/15/15 .Im currently in the 1st week of nutes and I am going by the feed chart. Well this seems like good start to a thread and I await...
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