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  1. 2020 Winter Grow is a Go

    2020 Winter Grow is a Go

    Blueberry Cookies started Nov 20th, 2020
  2. J

    Germ method states no Rockwell - But has anyone?

    I watched the germination video again when i received my first package. It certainly states that we shouldn't use rock wool or any other starting method. It goes on to say put the cracked bean in soil. So I received (more than I ordered [Thanks ck] Jack Herer Autos. I planned on doing one plant...
  3. M

    1st hydroponic grow

    Okay so I am New here to 420mag although I have been learning so much from all of you guys so thank you very much for all the wonderful information!! I have failed in the past trying to grow with soil and a 300w HPS/MH bulb so I don't want to give it a shot again. (At least not right now anyway)...
  4. A

    Abandoned White Widow Main Line in Rockwool - 2014

    Strain = White Widow (photo) Medium = Rock wool cubes on slabs Nutrients = General Hydroponics Seeds started 3/7/14
  5. M

    Grand Masters Welcome

    :welcome: I'm new here and have found wonderful info/ pics. I'm running a new setup and welcome any help from experience, not what u heard! Check it out; I wanna do a granulated rockwool(as soil) grow... Double tube florescent for mom/ babies, SunLeaves Nova 21" 6.5k spectrum 8k lumens 1000...
  6. M

    New Grower Question regarding germination

    Hello All, So I am brand new to growing but so far have had a blast reading all of the information on the forums and other various sites. I finally got my tent all equipment set up. I ordered some seeds from Attitude and they have arrived to me. Took about 14 days ordered on a Saturday...
  7. T

    How to clone in rock wool

    If you're on a budget and you don't have $250 bucks for a new aeroponic cloner, you might want to try cloning in rock wool. There are several tutorials on this site about cloning in rockwool, and my method isn't much different than most of them, but I'll show you DETAILED step by step how I do...
  8. DrTentgrow

    Rockwool - Help Please

    Hello I am starting some seeds in 1" rock-wool which I will be transplanting into aqua farms I have made a solution of spring water which has a E.C of 0.4 and put a splash of canna start nutrients to bring it up to a E.C of 0.9, i am used to using root riot cubes in soil which i never have any...
  9. D

    Rockwool Watering

    help first time using rock wool and was wondering how often should I water my babies who are now 21 days old from seed. :thankyou:
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