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  1. Brnwn4

    Help: Wilting new clones, new grower

    Just got these clones Wednesday. It’s now Saturday. Car ride was kinda long when they’re were first cut. Buddy used clonex gel 45 degree shaved end and split middle? I have em in a tent in a dome with heat mat. At 81 f and 80% rh. They are still drooping and I know one is gonna die cause it’s...
  2. CMJJMC2000

    Drippers on while germinating?

    First off - thanks for taking a look and, hopefully, providing some useful advice here. I've switched over to more of DWC style setup for a grow-in-progress. I've successfully germinated 3 seeds for this grow (Blackberry auto, Tangiematic auto, Blue Treacle auto) and have PH balanced out my...
  3. D

    Run-off low - Nutrient lockout

    Had a slight nutrient lockout issue. The older leaves were looking a bit yellow, some signs of magnesium deficiency too, but the newer leaves are looking green and happy, besides a select few. Here's the run down. Medium: 6" Rockwool Blocks Phase: Flowering PH going in: 5.8 PH going out...
  4. E

    Clay pebbles

    Hello! I’m thinking about using clay pebbles for my first grow! Where has everyone brought theirs from? Also rockwool for germination? Any help or tips would be much appreciated..
  5. IndyRacerNick

    Help! Hydroponic DWC Seed to Rockwool

    So after I did 2 plants over the summer I decided to give in an try my luck at Hydroponics. I will start a new journal on this once we are going. We are growing White Widow this time around. I have a hydroponic system and she is all ready to go. I placed a seed in water and paper towel for...
  6. J

    DWC seedling question?

    So I'm trying my very first DWC Grow. I have researched as much as possible and I am currently using a 5 gallon "root spa" bucket. what I did was take my seedling that is in a rapid rooter showing multiple roots and put that into a 4" rock wool cube. Now what I'm wondering is with a dwc setup...
  7. R

    10" Rhizocore Netpots

    Are these 10" netpots too big to only grow 1 plant per 5 gallon bucket (DWC)? Also if said pots aren't too big, will a 1.5" rockwool cube be big enough? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I

    Stunted Growth?

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but if anyone can see anything that might help that would be awesome. This is my first time growing so I'm 100% newbie even through I've watched countless hours of youtube videos to learn. These seedlings don't seem to be growing they seem to be stunted. I...
  9. R

    In 1.5 days my babies went from good to Uh-Oh! Need help!

    So I have been watering these a little each day being careful not to allow the rockwool to dry out.- I woke up today to check on my babies and they look like they're dying.- They're about 10 days old, I germinated them w/o any issues, then stuck them into rockwool which I presoaked with 0-50 ppm...
  10. D

    Do I need another grow medium besides rockwool?

    Hey guys, I'm a first time grower and first time posting to these boards! Before I get to my question let me tell you a little bit about the setup I have. I am growing using the cash crop 5.0 grow box. (Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box - Dealzer) I'm only growing three...
  11. ScrogOrDie

    ScrogOrDie's 2400W THC Snow, AK-47 & Caramelicious Journal

    Seed Bank: Marijuana Seeds NL Strains: 17 x THC Snow (THC Bomb x White Russian x Big Bud), 17 x AK-47 (Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani), 2 x Caramelicious (Maple Leaf x Afghan Kush) THC Content: THC Snow: 20—28%, AK-47: 15—20%, Caramelicious: 17—20% Veg Time: 5 weeks Flower...
  12. T

    Beginner question

    Did you leave it on the heat mat after it had sprouted?
  13. steppedinds

    AeroCloner replanting question

    So, I ran out of rapid rooters and rockwool cubes. I had a branch break yesterday morning during tucking and decided to use it for clones. This is my first attempt at cloning, as I have mostly been growing autos. I use an Ebb and Flow table with 6" rockwool cubes planted in hydroton. My...
  14. T

    Help with cloning problem please - What the heck is this?

    Here are the pics of my 8 day old "clones". If anyone can tell me what this means it will be greatly appreciated! They kind of look like scary alien plant bumps or something lol. I'm clearly no expert, but that doesn't look healthy to me. These are cut from the plant, straight to water, dipped...
  15. F

    Grow 2.0 - 30 Seeds - 80 Plants - Rockwool - 5 Varieties

    Hello, y'all! I'm a young girl grower looking to start my 2nd grow cycle. This current grow, I have 3 White Widows and 4 Bubblicious. They're about 4 weeks into flowering cycle. I can't wait to harvest and start a bigger grow now that I have my set up and chemicals figured out. In this entry...
  16. D

    Rockwool EC spiking up

    My EC has been rising drastically along with my PH when I check my run off. My question here is if im running a higher temperature due to running co2 at 1300 PPM, Would the plants be drinking much more than eating and if so is there any suggestions? Maybe running a lower temp or running a lower...
  17. Pennywise

    StarKiller OG, Rockwool, Ebb & Flow, 1200W LED, 2016

    Breeder: Rare Dankness Strain: Starkiller OG 70% Indica/ 30% Sativa (4 plants) Regular seed Potency: High Taste: Lemon/Citrus Space: 4' x4' x 7' tent Light: 1200w KingLed (Veg-18/6 Flower 11/13) Hydro: 2' x 2' flood & drain table ( 10 gallon Res ) Ventilation: 2 x 4" duct fans (1...
  18. LEDRF

    How to prep rockwool and grow in it - How to water for huge yields

    So, This is a question I get a lot, because I grow in coco, but I also grow in 100% rockwool. In this video, I show how to prep Rockwool, why it is a great medium to grow in, (such as how it saves nutrients and water). I show how to water Rockwool for the best yields and plant health.
  19. synbad

    Synbad's Second Grow - But Wait - I Haven't Finished My First One Yet!

    Greetings all! :welcome: Back when I decided I was going to defoliate my first plant, a White Widow, I also cut a small branch off from the bottom that had a small flower that wouldn't really produce anything worth while and thought "What the hell, I'll stick it in a rockwool cube with some...
  20. J

    Germ method states no Rockwell - But has anyone?

    I watched the germination video again when i received my first package. It certainly states that we shouldn't use rock wool or any other starting method. It goes on to say put the cracked bean in soil. So I received (more than I ordered [Thanks ck] Jack Herer Autos. I planned on doing one plant...
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