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    Hey Everyone! I have some rolled art to share!

    Hey Everyone! I just introduced myself over on the introductions section, and was kindly pointed in this direction by Squiggle! My name is Aaron and I just launched a platform that I have been working on over the past several years I am finally ready to start promoting all of my hard work, so...
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    Cookies Rolling Tray Review

    Hey I have a channel and made a review on the cookies rolling tray :)
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    Hi, everyone! I'm so glad I found this site! I didn't even know forums like this existed. I'm new to the growing aspect and am looking forward to finding the answers to the many questions that are rolling around in my brain. Have a great day and happy smoking! :green_heart:
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    20 day autoflower - Does it look normal?

    My auto berry autoflower is 20 days old above soil. The new leaves on the top look skiny and are rolling in. Is this normal ? I have my led lights on so i changed the color on my camera
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