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  1. Ron Strider

    UK: Street Wreathed In Cannabis Smoke After Fire Burns Through Attic

    Cannabis fumes drifted over a large part of Wavertree tonight after a serious blaze broke out at a suspected drugs farm. Firefighters were called to Wimbledon Road just before 6pm to reports of a fire in a terraced house which was sending flames shooting through the roof. Referring to the...
  2. Ron Strider

    UK: Major Fire At Suspected Cannabis Factory In West Avenue, Handsworth Wood

    Ten firefighters battled a major blaze at a house thought to have been used as a cannabis factory . Crews from Aston and Handsworth fire stations were called after the roof of the address in West Avenue, Handsworth Wood , caught fire just after 4.20am on Monday, August 14. The first...
  3. Ron Strider

    'Get A Roof, Get Some Weed:' Colorado Roofing Company Offers Customers $500 Marijuana

    A Colorado company has offered a free gun to new customers and to attract new employees. Now, instead of a "Get a Roof, Get a Gun" promotion, one company is advertising "Get a Roof, Get Some Weed." "Denver's #1 roofing company is offering YOU some free 'grass' with every roof that we...
  4. 4Dutchess

    Tent exhaust with LED - Please help!

    I just got a 5x9 tent. Im not sure which way to bring in fresh air with LED lighting? I plan on getting two 1000w LED's. Tent is in room. Do I need separate Filter/fan to bring air in?? Or will out take filter/fan be able to draw fresh air in too? Im installing separate damperd roof jacks...