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  1. A

    First time in a long time

    Hello! Thanks to the community for everything I’ve learned in all the threads I’ve read, bookmarked, and never posted in; I’m viewer only no longer I did one grow in a bubble bucket system in undergrad nearly 10 years ago, and am now a homeowner with a fiancé who’s been on me for months to...
  2. D

    1st Grow

    hello are there any tipps you could give on what to keep in sight growing 20 flowers at once? What‘s a good tent size, how much light i need, what‘d be an „easy“ strain to begin with? Or like isn‘t it even possible to handle 20 as a beginner?
  3. G

    37 day old cannabis plant, this is my first grow with pictures

    Any suggestions based off pictures?
  4. K

    First try ever

    Hello people, I have this lil girl and i want to know if its any good/potential in her? Im a noobie and everything i know is from this site.. Bag seed-Low budged-First time..Only fed her nutes since flowering (Iguana Juice Bloom) Looking forward for advices
  5. H

    Help - First grow

    Alright got some pineapple express auto about 2weeks old now as of today. Running cfl soft light 1200lumes. Gave em fish fert i think 5-1-1 stuff that smells horrible. Now soil i picked up viagro organic good stuff my opinion. First week plants jumped up. Light cycle 12/12. Plant 1 always looked...
  6. F

    Bullitt's Rookie Season Outdoor Nukehead 2017

    Hello 420 I am in my rookie season as a MJ grower & have decided to scribe a grow journal in the hope I can receive constructive criticism from those of you who are more advanced at growing this particular plant. I am not a beginning gardener however, as I have been feeding my family out of my...
  7. W

    Hi all rookie member in da club

    Hi dear ladies and gentlemans... Wish ya all happy grows.. I am new here.. Lots of love from Rhodes island .. Normally i live in Rhodes island in Greece .. Sometimes i move to Turkey.. I guess i am just a little bit sun addict guy ;) For summer season i prefer outdoor grow but at winter i hope i...
  8. C

    Help for a rookie grower

    What up yall. Ima rookie grower so please excuse me if my questions are stupid haha. So I was wondering what could be wrong with my plant..the top leaves are curling at the edge and they look bubbly almost (hard to describe) any advise helps, I'll post pics as soon as I figure out how. Thanks!
  9. BCrisis420


    Super newbie here. Started doing research online and on youtube...then i started to write down things in a journal. I felt like I needed to find a community because I can't really talk to anyone else I know about what I got going on. I told my mom but she's not a huge fan of the idea, but I'm...
  10. H

    1st Outdoor Grow

    What strain is it? Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 3 or 4 Different Strains. 12-25% is my guess. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower If in Flower stage... For how long? 2-3 Weeks now Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil...
  11. B

    Beni's Rookie Grow Op

    Hello and :welcome: fellow growers and readers. I finally feel like I'm ready to dip into marihuana cultivation and am eager to see what happens. I've done countless hours of reading on these forums and others and have learned about all types of techniques from all types of growers. I'm not...
  12. M

    Grow Room Setup Help

    Hello All! New here. So I recently decided to go on the journey of my first grow. However I am still in what I call the "research" phase as I would like be as knowledgeable as possible before I actually begin/attempt my first grow. So as for what I am sure about: Grow Space - Secret Jardin...
  13. S

    1st Cloning Grow Journal

    day 1 the start of my clones well after reading; https://www.420magazine.com/forums/seeds-clones-strains/84251-how-clone-cannabis-plant.html i have now attempted this and i have tried to follow the simple directions given, to the best i can..... i have 5 clones taken from "baby"(who will be...
  14. T

    Thawk's 2010 LED Soil White Widow / Medijuana Grow

    Hey guys I am somewhat of a newbie and this is my first grow, vie been panning it for a while and finally after getting all my lights, seeds, and grow closet ready I have got it started. So here are the basics and what has happened so far Soil- started with miracle-gro before I found a hydro...
  15. NormanTBates

    Newbie's Loses Growing Virginity

    First of all, I must say high to everyone in the forum and thank you all in advance for any assistance. So I am attempting my first grow, it will be a small indoor operation. I admit my lack of knowledge on the subject, but also feel I know enough to grow succesfully. I have converted an old...
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