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  1. K

    Growing in a 2 Room Basement?

    I have no idea about anything. My basement has 2 rooms, the first room is 15' x 9' and the second room is 14' x 12' (I figured the second room should be used for the flowering stage since it's bigger). Both rooms are 7' tall and that's to the ceiling. I like Sativa dominant strains but is 7'...
  2. A

    Need some grow room design ideas.

    Im starting a fresh build and Im looking for a few design ideas.Does anyone know a site with pics I could get ideas from? I have 8x8 space, and need to split veg/ flower, I currently run some bubble bukets and 2 6 station NFT systems. All ideas would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
  3. M

    another 1st time grower with a ton of questions

    I have just started a grow room with a total of 30 seedlings going thus far. I am not growing in a box or a closet I have actually taken over a 12x12 bedroom. So far in the room we have a total of 18 gro-lux incandecent lights. My husband decided that a 1000w construction light thingy would work...
  4. Rayzin

    New From Portland Oregun

    Hi All, This is Rayzin. I've just joined and thought I'd describe my situation. As a US Navy Veteran, I took advantage of their medical services to have an ostomy reversed since I didn't have any medical benefits at all. Had operation, caught their infection which led to massive hernia...
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