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  1. K

    New to CA! Looking for cool roommate in So Cal anywhere from Marina Del Rey/Dana Pt.

    :high-five: I am new here to Ca! Living alone in the S.F.Valley but looking for a cool roommate or roommates anywhere from Marina Del Rey to San Clemente. I am a S.W.F. over 40 who is 420 friendly! I am way chill and so happy to be here! Wanting to add some sunshine to someone's world and some...
  2. X

    Xlr8's PPP and Snow White grow cab journal 2009

    Hi all - I thought I would attempt to journal my first grow - first of all, I welcome constructive feedback, and feel free to give any valuable advice you might have here! A few details - Really only trying to provide for myself, so this is small scale. I'm starting with PPP and Snow...
  3. X

    Hey from Xlr8

    Hi all - Excited to become part of the community. A couple of years ago I returned to MJ as a way to combat chronic back pain due to severe disc degeneration, and found it a great way to help cope with these things, and much better than all of the other crap they wanted to prescribe me...
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