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root aphids

  1. D

    Root aphids bugs at roots

    I had problem with yellowing leafs, today i inspected the roots and found few bugs, i think they are root aphids. They are in 4th week flowering. I use plagron light mix soil. The soil is reused for 3rd round. I inspected 20 pots and only found them in 1. Are they hideing inside the soil so i...
  2. G

    Root aphids

    I have a 130 gallon current culture DWC system. I’m having trouble getting rid of these root aphids that are inside my system in my roots. I have spray to spray the plants on the outside to kill them , But I don’t know what I can run inside my system that can soak all the roots without killing...
  3. ChronicPDX

    New grower with a few issues - Help?

    So though I've worked with a number of other growers before finally being able to do my own I could use some help on a few thing. I have three primary issues I have identified or know is present to some degree; Root aphids, spider mites, and powdery mildew. I'll start with the mites... Spider...
  4. ChronicPDX

    First Grow - Quicksand Kush

    Just set in 6 Quicksand Kush plants for my first grow. About a week from flipping them to 12/12. Current grow environment it a 9.5x5 grow tent under 2 1000 watt MH, which will continue through the first week of flower when they will be switched out for HPS. Temperature hasn't been an issue so...
  5. Plato420

    BotaniGaurd for taking care of Root Aphids

    Has anyone used a product called BotaniGaurd? If so please post your experience with this product. I believe I have Root Aphids and this is what is recommended to take care of them. Any info on the Root Aphids and or the BotaniGaurd and or other options for ways to treat this issue with a more...
  6. B

    Root aphids in hydro - Any help?

    So after much research I decided to attack these things with Azamax! I am in the middle of my 3rd week of flower so I don't want to use the foliar application, but I did add about 50 ml of Azamax to my 40 gallons of nutrient mix (so roughly 1.25 ml/gallon). My question is if this will be...
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