root problem

  1. NoobGrowUtube

    Please help - AK48 plants browning

    Fan leaves are browning at the tip/turning up and feel crispy. and seems to be moving up the plant. With the same browning at the tips.. Roots are slightly brown and im pretty sure its not nute stained. Temp=75 RH=50% Nutes=400 and i just changed the reservoir 3/25/16 when the problem was...
  2. ISEARCH56

    ISEARCH's Broken Branch - Now Growing In Croutons 2014

    FIRST I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE MEMBERS HOW REPLY. Thank you for your time and knowledge that you will be CONTRIBUTING. This is my first grow. I have made lots of mistakes. I'm very grateful to have been BLESSED by all the HELP I've received with my 3 plants that are in soil. My # 1...