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root rot

  1. whole sick plant.JPG

    whole sick plant.JPG

    whole plant pic. sick and deficient. root rot, root bound, post mites, and gnats
  2. H

    Please Help, Root Rot!

    I've got a few critical widow clones in a 2 gallon black tub with a Hydrofarm AAPA15L 6-Watt 15-LPM air pump. I'm using 1 part veg GH, a tablespoon of Growzyme ( since I couldn't get hydroguard) and I've been putting in about 1 cap of 3% h2O2 daily. The water temps usually range from 65-71°. The...
  3. S

    Root rot

    If my young plant developed what I believe is root rot, should I toss it or will it recover? I bought some hydrogen peroxide to try to kill the root rot, and a few days later I started using hydrogaurd and Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae. What do you guys think? DWC 3.5gallon bucket 2 Weeks...
  4. J

    Help! Unsure what's wrong with plant

    Hello! I'm growing my first plant, and something's started to go wrong with it in the last few days. The larger leaves have gotten brown stripes between the veins, and they've curled inward and down (photos below). I grow it in soil in natural light. I've been doing tons of research...
  5. Nutria

    Can't get rid of root rot & slime - Superthrive?

    Hello growers! I have germinated 4 Seeds and put em in a 4 gal dwc bucket to grow a bit before going into the definitive system. I keep facing root rot and since also some slime. It is a white bucket but I made it lightproof with black tape and then another layer of American tape (duct...
  6. Croatsan

    Is this root rot? Is this Amnesia Haze?

    Hi all. I was reluctant to open a new thread but I've posted this questions in my grow journal and haven't got any answers yet. Normally, I'd wait but the pressing issue of possible root rot can't wait. Hope someone experienced will help and identify the problem (if there is one). Yesterday I...
  7. T

    First grow - DWC - Root rot

    Hello Everyone! I am a first time grower. I just bought a grow box and bought some clones. I made some initial mistakes. Used the rockwool cubes (the clones came in this) as the only growing medium Overwatered the cubes. The cubes were half submerged in water. Let light hit the cubes...
  8. M

    Hydroguard amount?

    Hello, I am about to start my first hydroponics grow. DWC/Top fed. Anyway, as a preventive measure to root rot I decided to go get some Hydroguard. I know that most nutrient bottles are wrong for the amount you should add to cannabis plants. So I was wondering if I should follow the Hydroguard...
  9. C

    Root rot - Over feeding - Low humidity? DWC troubles

    I am a successful soil grower of many things but now that I have decided to grow hydroponically it's been trouble! I have two plants, strain is pineapple chunk. I just moved them from soil about a week and two days ago. They are a little more than two weeks old and since I put it in The hydro...
  10. A

    Root rot and GH-Flora DWC questions

    Hello, I'm a first time grower and I have a few questions regarding DWC. I use for medical reasons. Severe depression, anxiety etc. I decided to do some experimenting with just one plant, (bag seed) to see how manageable it is and what to expect. The plant is about one month into veg from seed...
  11. S

    Nutrient Burn in Root Zone?

    HI there guys i understand that nutrient burn will show signs at the tip of the leaves first but does anyone know if you have added to much nutrients to the water does this affect the root zone and can it lead to root rot? peace out, stay chilled :)
  12. A

    Full-on untrained Luke in need of some Yoda help with DWC.. Or at least Han help.

    Hi there, long time listener, first time caller type deal here. Let me start by thanking all of you, from those of us who read forums and gain much without participating. Those of you who offer guidance and answer questions are helping many more people than those who post the issues. So again...
  13. I

    Plants looking unhappy! Help please!

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my first grow using rockwool 6'' cubes x5, Using a 5 gallon pot as a reservoir, feeding every 3 hours, about 8 cups each plant and not to waste. The nutrient breakdown is Big Bud( first 2-4 weeks flower) Calimag (when not using big bud), FloraMicro, FloraGrow, and...
  14. J

    I need some help, plants are dying.

    I've been trying to grow my own plants for about 1 month now. I started some Christmas bud seeds I had in a zip lock bag with moist paper tier, then planted them in soil, then moved then to dwc hydro I made myself, I have 9 plants currently, it's a small wood grow room I built with reflective...
  15. S

    Root rot: root oxygen starvation or some nutrient deficiency?

    hi folks i have a problem with my ladies this year. i am thinking it is root rot or root oxygen starvation. or is it a nutritional deficiency?¿?¿ can any body give me a heads up what is wrong with them?¿??¿ the plants are already flowering, in soil, in pots, well draining soil, ph good...
  16. L

    Emergency! code red - root rot MTF!

    guys, my oldest grow suddenly shows drooping leaves/yellowing bottom leaves. Im growing in a pot and outdoors... when i tried to find out what the problem is... i dig down, below the stem, and it surprises me to discover that the root system below the soil was rotting... i immediately cloned...
  17. Narcissus

    New member searching for the insights of an experienced grower!

    Hi my name's "Narcissus" & it's a pleasure to meet all of you. I just joined this community because I've just begun my first grow (2 Dutch Passion Blueberry, 2 EZ-Ryder, 1 Auto-Flowering Critical Jack, & 1 Blue Widow/Venom). My Setup: I'm using 2-105w CFL's (full spectrum - 5500 lumens) &...
  18. G

    DWC Grow, What Is This?

    iv got 2 grows right now having issues with this one im not sure what wrong but the plant look healthy and fine when i checked the res it looks like somone busted a nut in there can any one tell whast this stuff is is white and soft gooey kind of, its on the roots and air stones ,im growing in...
  19. G

    DWC - First Time Need Help

    if i have white buckets should i paint them black to block light from gettign in and casue alge to grow,? my set up is just with air stones i have no lines dripiing on the pots, i just keep getting problem on the roots and clean them once week but they keep getting alge or somethiing on them, i...
  20. S

    Root Rot - 2 weeks to go help!

    I've been struggling with root rot for the last year after years of successful growing. I use 4" rockwool in ebb and flow feeding dutch nutrients. This is the farthest I've gotten in almost a year and I just need to limp to the end. In the past I've tried lots of things but if I hadn't reached...
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