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  1. Hayron1088

    Cannabis Root Medical Values

    https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/can.2017.0028#_i4 I thought this was well worth posting here. It has amazing medical backing and so sad that it was largely ignored for centuries. Imagine if it evolved without the stigma... has anyone else harvested roots for medical purposes? I...
  2. IMG_20200421_201211.jpg


    The taps before I planted them tonight .
  3. H

    Please Help, Root Rot!

    I've got a few critical widow clones in a 2 gallon black tub with a Hydrofarm AAPA15L 6-Watt 15-LPM air pump. I'm using 1 part veg GH, a tablespoon of Growzyme ( since I couldn't get hydroguard) and I've been putting in about 1 cap of 3% h2O2 daily. The water temps usually range from 65-71°. The...
  4. 20180113_204154 (2).jpg

    20180113_204154 (2).jpg

  5. S

    Root rot

    If my young plant developed what I believe is root rot, should I toss it or will it recover? I bought some hydrogen peroxide to try to kill the root rot, and a few days later I started using hydrogaurd and Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae. What do you guys think? DWC 3.5gallon bucket 2 Weeks...
  6. BTzGrow

    Introducing myself with my first indoor grow

    Hi everyone, BTz for Southern California, San Diego to be exact. I've started my first indoor grow at the beginning of December 17. I started with a Gorilla Grow Lite 2x2.5 5'7" tent and initially a 2' 2bulb T5 light. I have an inline blower and a 4" x 12" Carbon Filter mounted on a board...
  7. I

    DWC root rot?

    Hi there, May you helps me to know if there is a root rot or not ? This White Widow has near 8 weeks now and I want to know if I can switch to flowering now ? Do we need to do some specials tricks with the feed when transiting to flow ? Current chamber temp : 17 C Current water temp...
  8. F

    Seed popped out of the soil! But so did the root - Wtf?

    so i've planted my seeds yesterday and today they popped out of the ground. One of them however had the root that also popped out of the ground. I added a bit of soil on top of the tip of the root and moisten it up. Ps: I've been using humidity dome on each pot. is there a way to fix this?
  9. Jinxed

    Indoor Dutch Passion Auto Blackberry Kush Nov 17

    strain, Dutch Passion Auto Blackberry Kush hybrid, indica dominant veg, seedling since, nov 19 17 indoor light 2 1000watt hps air cooled covering 4x8 area sprouted in root riot plugs in a humidtiy dome soil, happy frog soil conditioner 2 part, course perlite 2 parts, worm castings 1...
  10. Ron Strider

    Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor GeoPot

    Please join us in thanking GeoPot for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 24 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where...
  11. I

    A question about Autos and their pots

    So most of the reading i have been doing seems to suggest its best to grow autos in the pots they finish in and not transplant them. However i have also seen a number of posts saying that planting a small plant in a large pot often leads to problems and they don't develop a strong root ball...
  12. S

    I've Got Root Rot

    So I switched over this year from soil to DW Hydro. Had some great DW harvests. But now I have been having a problem and no doubt I have root rot. I will try to save one plant but I am looking for info on the best way to eliminate the root rot. I understand heat and light can promote root rot...
  13. HigherTheHigh

    Opinions on auto pots? Anyone had problems with them?

    Hello all! Im looking into getting a 8 pot autopot system for my garden and want to no if they worked for you. Did they compare much with yield with them being fed from the bottom? Any root issues with them being fed straight to the root? Im thinking of running 8 in 15L pots, air...
  14. 28 Grams

    Will stabbing stakes into my pots hurt the root system?

    As the buds grow bigger, my plants are starting to slant due to the weight. I wanted to stab a long stake into my pot (pretty thin) to help support the stem, but I'm worried that I'll hurt the root system. Anyone have experience with this? They are in fairly small pots (1 gallon) so I'm sure...
  15. S

    Root disease of some kind?

    Thankfully this is not on my cannabis hydro grow but rather a hydroponic garden wall I am experimenting with. The net cups are not too removable at this stage because of aggressive root formations but this is a shot near one of the drain spouts back to the reserviour. It kind of looks like a...
  16. S

    Decaying stems

    hello im having bad luck with trying to clone with rockwool the stem seems to rot and decay ive had 1 root out of 20 thanks for any help
  17. cbgb

    Schrom x NLH

    hey 420 peeps , hope all is good........ anyone ever worked with with the strain schrom " regular seed" this is a new strain i am working with and would welcome any comments , thoughts and wisdom on that grow .pics.... its and root structure is amazing ... had it in a 2 quart pot to start and...
  18. S

    Help! My roots are all growing out of a single strand - Any way to fix this?

    Has ANYONE seen this problem before? I've done a ton of research, and have never heard of anything like this. It's definitely not root rot or anything like that. Does anyone know how to fix this? I thought the roots were supposed to look more like a mop coming out of the net pot...
  19. N

    nightswakes bubbakush outdoor first grow help me please

    hey everyone new to this site and I started a grow journal :) but I'm having some issues with my seedlings? sproutlings? idk what to call my baby plants lol.. so my question is where did I go wrong I germinated six seeds using the paper towel method 5 of the six had tap roots I dug tiny...
  20. S

    Thermoelectric Water Cooler

    Hi guys! For my first grow, I experienced some root issues and I believe part of the reason was my reservior temperature going over 20C. After seeing the price tags on the professional water cooler units of $750+, I wanted to see if I could hack together my own solution. There was two...
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