1. June 8th 2020 - Update & RootBound 2

    June 8th 2020 - Update & RootBound 2

  2. June 8th 2020 - Update & RootBound

    June 8th 2020 - Update & RootBound

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    24 days and root bound in a 1 gallon pot!
  6. T

    Help! Green is fading to yellow

    So. I am about two months into veg and was looking to switch to flower in the coming days However one of my plants seems to be sick. I am using 2 300 watt galaxy hydro led lights. And I'm growing in fox farm ocean. Alternating between regular ph'd water and general organics go box for...
  7. dlchobbes

    Trimming roots

    Through a series of stupid mistakes I have allowed my plants to get rootbound in my dwc system. Can I trim the roots?
  8. ds8802

    Rootbound in mid-flower, Transplant or leave it alone?

    Okay, i have a big beautiful Mexican sativa girl who is finishing up her eighth week of flowering and she's root bound as all Hell. i've flushed more than once in the past couple of weeks and it did seem to make a few minor improvements but after a couple of days, her problems reemerge...
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