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  1. K

    Help! Light burn? Nitrogen toxicity?

    Have had a couple outdoor seasons but this is my first indoor and I have the following setup 4x4 tent 2x 96x5w Mars reflector LED lights 1 oscillating fan Plants 4 Nepali OG rooted clones plants sitting in.. -5 gallon smart pots -50/50 Firefox ocean forest/happy frog mix SORRY ABOUT THE...
  2. C

    What is this little guy?

    I don't recall this ever happening , If you look on the lower left you will see a little one coming up next to my newly rooted clone . I just have clones , no seeds Anyone seen this before ?
  3. J

    Is this a clone?

    Hi can anyone who's into cloning tell me if this is this a rooted or rooting clone?
  4. Underthunder

    S.A.D. - S1 Sweet Afghan Delicious

    My first attempt with DWC single bucket and scrog Cutting is rooted and ready for DWC my room is only 6 ft.long by 20 inches wide 8 ft. vertical so it is pretty small. I have been growing for 20 years all ebb and flow using rockwool or hydroton this is my first attempt at dwc or scrog I...
  5. C

    12/12 rooting

    so iv done some research ...everybody seems to say roots grow in the dark by sayin that wouldn't 12/12 be better to get cutting rooted and then when rooted flip to 18/6 ...in the spring time we only get about 12=13 hours of light ..with growing you try to mimic outside so by saying that 12/12...