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  1. Turbostang

    Turbo Stang - NYC Diesel CKS - DWC Hydro

    Hello .. This is my first grow ever. I've grown vegetables DWC. So after awhile I figured I'd try to grow instead of buy. I got my seeds in 5 days to the USA. I just put them in rapid rooters. On June 21. Just using tap water and a four bank of T5. Today the seed has popped out of the rooter. So...
  2. G

    Germination and water question

    OK so I have always used the paper towel method to germinate seeds in the past but I have heard that direct plant into rapid rooters works well so I wanna try it. Now I will be using a top feed dwc system and my question is after I put the seeds in the rapid rooters do I then turn the water pump...
  3. T

    About 15% of seeds have not germinated after 6 days - What can I do?

    It has been 6 days of germination, about 85% have sprouted, most by the third day. I'm germinating in Rapid Rooters, and the ones that have not germinated I've open the rooters to see inside and the seeds have not even cracked open yet. Should I take them out and soak them in water? Or is there...