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  1. Bounce3d

    Rooting a clone on both ends?

    Double dipping Rotting a clone on both ends? The idea is that the double roots with the main stem and 2 or more bud sites could keep the plant compact for a small scrog setup, combine with LST. The clone "mini branch" was taken from our mother. We stripped and clipped the leaves as u would do a...
  2. D

    Second time growing

    So I Transplanted my plant a few days ago, it was stressful because i has to completely wash miracle grow dirt off the roots. Then planted in coco. I used root growth powder when planting because i was told it make the transition less stressful. But now she's wilting and I don't wanna lose it...
  3. GrnRm

    OG Ghost Train Haze & Strawberry Amnesia - T5 Veg - 2000W Flower - SIP Hybrid System

    Took cuttings 7 days ago now, (6 OGGTH and 6 SA), so they are still in the propagation tray. I use regular old Jiffy Peat Pellets, and EZ-Clone rooting compound. All water is filtered through a Chlorine + Sediment filter with a UV Sterilizer, and no nutes are added while rooting. The tray was...
  4. B

    Brixnewb's Black Thumb Guide To Cloning

    As growing cannabis goes, I have a bit of a black thumb. I always like to find the most foolproof way whenever I can, and I think I have found just that for taking clones. Cloning was never SUPER hard for me, but I have had my shares of failures with it and I think I have found a pretty much...
  5. Sphnx

    How To Take Clones

    Step by step guide to taking clones. 1. Fill up a bucket with fresh water. Put a few drops of veg nutrients, I also use a few drops of liquid karma and roots excellerator (50-75 ppm) and pH balance to 5.6. 2. Put Rockwool cubes in. If possible, throw and air stone in there to keep...
  6. Skullman420

    Did anyone use Mars-Hydro PAR38 LED for rooting clones?

    I have a question regarding the PAR 38 bulbs from Mars-Hydro. I have received a little different response from here and there. Some people insist the light spectrum won't work for rooting clones (460nm, 660nm), while others say it works fine. I read some scientific articles claiming the red and...
  7. S

    Rooting question?

    I have a question about rooting. I start my clippings in the Peet pucks. Once roots start to show they go into solo cups, than into 1 gallon pots then to 5 gallon pots. What would be a good additive to add to the water to help along strong vigorous growth?
  8. Z

    Cuttings dying - Help

    Hi people, I'm having problems rooting my cuttings. I did this about a decade ago and I was successful, don't know what is failing now. I cut a few branches, I used rooting hormone following the instructions carefully, and then I planted them into soil. I stored these cuttings inside a...
  9. J

    Is this a clone?

    Hi can anyone who's into cloning tell me if this is this a rooted or rooting clone?
  10. carlos rayess

    Is it too small to clone?

    Hello my friends.. Its been a long time i didn't post a thing.. This is because i had no internet in Aleppo,Syria.. Anyway i'm back.. and i'm planting 10 cannabis plants.. So far so good.. and i decided to make some clones. But i don't know if it's too early, or i have to wait for the branch...
  11. Toxic Fluid

    Do I scrape or do I nick?

    Upon removing the clipping from MOTHER I am presented with a choice. Usually I make the obligatory 45 degree cut and split the stem, all under the Clone-X gel. Additionally, while under the gel I scrape the sides of the stem around the circumference to remove the cuticle and expose the active...
  12. F

    Root rooting need help

    Today my Friday is Horror!!! I look at my Plants they are looking good but the Roots under the Airpots are rooting :-( yesterday i forgett to put the Timer off and the Air was Stiff 30min Fan on 30min off this was Bad What can i do know???
  13. R

    12 IWS Flood & Drain

    clones showed roots on 16th february 2.4m 2.4m tent dark room secret garden 8"high power red scorpion carbon filter 8"high power rvk exhaust 6" high power rvk intake scscom hybrid fan controlled 8"silencer 2 x 600 watt will be adding 3rd hopefully digital ballasts lumi 100l of water in iws using...
  14. count duckula

    EZ-clone slow rooting / how long?

    I've had my cuttings in an ez-clone for about 2 weeks, they have massive short, spikey roots coming out but no long roots...kind of like this: It took about a week for the first nubs to appear. The strains are Somango and Master Kush. I'm using the ez-clone as directed: 1 oz...
  15. G

    How long do roots need to be on clones before potting

    I have some clones that are about 3 weeks old and have all started to root. I would say that the longest roots on some clones are about 1.5 inches and the shorter roots on other clones are just barely prickly looking. So how long do the roots need to be before moving over to soil? Right now...
  16. C

    Rooting in darkness?

    I am using a homemade aeroponic cloner. The reservoir is clear.. Do I need to eliminate light to the stems to root the cuttings??? :surf::peace2:
  17. 1seaweed1

    Mutant clones rooting from upper nodes i have pics now!

    there are 2 nodes in the cube, but the first 4 nodes above the cube are sprouting roots and sending them down to the rockwool!!! I have many more pis of a dozen of my clones all doing this too. some in much clearer pics also. has anyone encountered anything like this?
  18. P

    (AERO) Clones- 7 Days. No roots. What is going on?

    im accually having problems from a setup copied outta high times-grow a pound every 3 weeks- article. its the clones ive taken. i followed the directions for setup to a T- even on the nutes/clone solution. its been 7 days- NO ROOTS. might i add i am terrible at cloning. ive tried 3 different...
  19. S

    Cloning the Clone

    Does it matter if you take clones from a clone or do you need to maintain the original mother in the veg stage? Cloning the clone would save room, but I am concerned that it might cause a breakdown in genetics over time.
  20. WildestViolet

    Cloning and Genetics question

    I posted a question yesterday and being new to this site, I probably did it wrong so forgive the repetition, because I am still unsure how to delete a post. I have copied and pasted it here for feedback..Thanks All. My questions may seem pathetic at first, so bear with me. We had a bacterial...
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