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  1. hyperluv

    Hyperluv's 2nd Grow Organic Soil Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2017

    Hi Everyone, this will be my second grow. I will be using soil this time for a more organic grow. No changes in the grow room tents from the last grow except for the size of the fabric pots. Tents: Two 5'x5' from Apollo horticulture Veg Tent Lights: Two T5 lamps with four 54W 4' bulbs each...
  2. StarshipGod

    StarShip's First Grow 3x3 WC & GC

    Hello everyone, thanks for tuning in on my first grow! Genetics: White cookies (WC) & Green crack (GC) How old are they ? #1 white cookies sprouted on may 31 #2 Green crack sprouted on June 4 "These two are my bigger girls" #3 white cookies sprouted on June 7 #4 green crack sprouted on...
  3. R

    1st Grow - All New Equipment - 300W Mars-Hydro & 27"x27"x63" Tent

    Hello everyone, This is going to be my first grow here. I grew a plant 15-20 years ago in a small hallway closet. I used only 160 watts of fluorescent lights and just some seaweed nutrient I got from the local nursery. I think I used miracle grow potting soil. I did ok. I think I yielded about...
  4. K

    KGIRedline's Outdoor Strain Mix Up - Gorilla Glue - G.S.C. & Bag Seed

    Ok, so time to start my outdoor journal so I can quit high jacking my own indoor thread with pics and these ladies Can get the attention they deserve :) So 5 of these girls started from my indoor journal, and We're growing way faster than the girls I decided to keep in tent and LST...