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  1. A

    Organic Grow With No Added Nutrients

    I will be growing with Roots Organics Original. I plan on not adding any other nutrients then whats already in the soil itself and i would like to get some feed back on if I'm making a wise choice or not? New Grower i'd really appreciate some feed back, thank you.
  2. BpoBrad

    3x3 - Multi-Strain - Light Grow

    Greetings folks BpoBrad here for my first indoor grow (I've grow outdoors but that was years ago). I'm new to indoor agriculture, I have years of experience working and farming outside so this should be fun! :welcome: The Gear: Light- Mars Hydro II 700w LED Supplentary- Sun System 150w...
  3. H

    4 year grower. starting a grow journal

    Hey guys I just wanted to introduce myself. Name is Zakk. or HearMeR00R. I want to start a grow journal with my Lemon Garlic OG from Humboldt Seed Organization, and my AutoMazar from Dutch Passion. I appreciate the help!! PS I need help starting my journal
  4. W

    Another Rookie checking in, In need of advice!

    How's it going fellow cannibus friends, this is my first post and currently in the works of starting my first grow. Right now I'm working on gathering all the materials i need to get started . I have 2 auto easy ryder on the way plus 1 fem critical and 2 haze skunk seeds.im planning on growing...
  5. WizHigh

    Best Root Enhancers?

    What root enhancer would you recommend out of Canna Rhizotonic, H&G Root Enhancer, GH Root Enhancer, AN Voodoo Juice???
  6. G

    1st Grow - Lucy Germinating In AeroGarden Rapid Rooters

    Date: Thursday, January 10th 2013 Time: 1:35 A.M. Seeds: Lucy feminized (5) Breeder: Barney’s Farm Equipment/Supplies used: AeroGarden Deluxe Rapid Rooter Plugs Nutri-Dip Tri-meter Temp/Humidity Gauge 1 Gallon distilled water pH + Day 1: A short time ago I had received my feminized Lucy...
  7. Bulldoggin33

    What is Your take on Roots Organics Products?

    I have personally had success with these nutes. What is Your opinion on these nutrients?
  8. eScott

    Any experience with Auroras "Roots Organics"?

    Anyone have any experience with these nutes? Roots Organics by Aurora Innovations I've been using the full line in veg and just started 4 in flower with their recipe as well. They seem to be loving it in veg, the flowering plants have only been in the new bloom cabinet with the roots organics 2...
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