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  2. Clone


    Clone of GSC and roots before being transferred to a 5 gallon fabric pot of coco.
  3. Photo 20 - SD.jpeg

    Photo 20 - SD.jpeg

    Sour Diesel - Day 63 roots
  4. Having a bad hair day.

    Having a bad hair day.

    Roots from outdoor bagseed.
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    Bad hair day.
  6. 20210516_072041-01.jpeg


    Official @420 Magazine Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express #2 - Veg Day 4 - Roots popping out of seedling fabric bag
  7. FuzzyRoots.jpg


    Close up of root hair on young root
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  9. Runtz Muffin Seedling

    Runtz Muffin Seedling

  10. Runtz Muffin Seedling

    Runtz Muffin Seedling

  11. Runtz Muffin

    Runtz Muffin

  12. And also out the bottom

    And also out the bottom

  13. Roots out the top

    Roots out the top

  14. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    Roots #3
  15. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    #3 Clones are ready!!!! All took
  16. DarionOzb

    Why’s this so hard?

    I thought growing weed would be relatively easy but the more I grow the more I realize how difficult and annoying this can be. You’d think something that can grow in the Afghan deserts without human contact wouldn’t be so damn picky, but they are. I dont know if I should just stop growing or...
  17. Blue Dream roots

    Blue Dream roots

  18. Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

  19. Blue Dream Clone Roots

    Blue Dream Clone Roots

  20. Afghan Hash Roots

    Afghan Hash Roots

    8-17-2020 Starting to get hard to take these pics might not do it very often until the plant is flowering heavy or blocking drains
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