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  1. Ron Strider

    MA: House Speaker Robert DeLeo Signals Room To Compromise On Marijuana Tax

    House Speaker Robert DeLeo conceded Tuesday in a televised interview that the House may be willing to move off its position that retail marijuana sales be taxed at 28 percent, and the Democratic leader remains hopeful that the panel negotiating a compromise pot bill will be able to strike a deal...
  2. K

    MA: Senate Prez Expects Statehouse Battle Over Marijuana Rollout In New Year

    Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said he expects some lawmakers to attempt to repeal marijuana legalization next year, speaking in an interview one day after the legislature acted abruptly and without public debate to delay the opening of weed shops. "Believe me, people have rights. I'd...
  3. K

    MA: Baker Calls 6 Month Marijuana Law Delay Perfectly Appropriate

    Boston — Saying the tax rate on legal pot sales is one area that "really needs some work" in the voter-approved marijuana law, Senate President Rosenberg on Wednesday defended a proposed six-month delay of key provisions in the law and Gov. Charlie Baker called the delay "perfectly appropriate."...
  4. K

    MA: Rosenberg Defends Rushing Bill Delaying Retail Marijuana Implementation

    Boston - Mass. Senate President Stan Rosenberg on Wednesday defended lawmakers rushing a bill delaying retail pot shops to Gov. Charlie Baker's desk. The new bill does not affect the personal possession and homegrowing provisions, which went into effect on Dec. 15, in the marijuana...
  5. J

    Medical Marijuana 'Joke' Comment Leads To Thousands Calling For DEA Chief's Firing

    More than 36,000 people had signed a petition as of Friday morning asking President Barack Obama to fire Drug Enforcement Administration head Chuck Rosenberg over comments he made on medical marijuana. Rosenberg said Nov. 4 that smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes "is a joke," CBS News...