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  1. Ron Strider

    NY Considering Medical Marijuana As A Legal Option For Period Cramps

    Women in New York State would have the option to treat debilitating menstrual cramps with medical marijuana under new legislation sponsored by New York Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal. The bill sailed through the Assembly's Health Committee this week, by a vote of 21-2. A spokeswoman for...
  2. P

    2 Ed Rosenthal - 1 Topped - Side By Side Grow

    Hello again to everyone here at 420. I have decided to do a side by side grow with x2 Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Auto's, both will be lst'ed and 1 will be topped. Lets see how they compare side by side. I had to be as stealthy as possible with this grow so I decided to build a box/cupboard...