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    What An Old Time Grower Told Me

    He said what you want under your growing plants is not so much rotted vegetable matter as ROTTING veg. matter. Because rotting veg matter puts off gases and complex molecules that plants love to feed off of. My wife makes a lot of this , cantelope and watemellon rinds, old potatoes that have...
  2. M

    please help! my plants stems look like they are rotting!

    Can someone maybe give me an idea of what would be happening with my plants. My two plants look like their branches and stems are rotting and moulding. This has literally happened overnight. They are in budding stage and harvest is near. I have them in large size pots. Their whole growing stage...
  3. trichomes

    Bud rot? picture shows inside is dead

    I saw some odd dead leaves on a bud, the plant is about 2-4 weeks from done. It was worse inside, looks like this is the only affected bud on the plant. I'm thinking the BT I apply 2 hours before sunset could be the cause. Any member input/suggestions for BT use would be GREATLY appreciated...
  4. T

    Possible Root decay on an otherwise healthy plant. Help and suggestions appreciated

    Hey everyone, first I am going to give a little back story into our issue here. When we began growing this guy he was simply in an Aerogarden with NO pump as the back arm was broken and the connectors were shot. So we needed to wait from 1-15 through 1-28 before it was getting the air pump...
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