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  1. M

    2nd Grow For Maz - Blue Cheese

    The time is here for the 2nd round. :welcome: This time around i will be growing 2x Blue Cheese from Dinafem. The Blue Cheese seeds will arrive today or tomorrow i hope. I was thinking about adding a Royal Gorilla From Royal queen seeds but i dont know if i have the room and the light for it...
  2. Ron Strider

    IL: Another $500,000 In Marijuana Seized In Lake County

    Lake County authorities seized another $500,000 in marijuana Monday stemming an ongoing investigation into a cartel-affiliated drug ring that already had netted an estimated $3 million of the drug, authorities said. Officers from the Round Lake Park Police Department, the Northern Illinois...
  3. Ron Strider

    IL: Woman Had $3 Million In Marijuana In Her Home, Storage Unit

    A Round Lake Beach woman is facing up to 30 years in prison on drug charges after police say they confiscated an estimated $3 million of marijuana from her home and a storage unit, authorities said Monday. Maria T. Villa-Mauleon, 30, of 400 block of Meadow Green Drive, is charged with...
  4. Heraldo

    Autoflower Hunger Games By Heraldo

    After a failed first attempt at using LEDs I've gone back to the drawing board and come up with this: Autoflower Hunger Games Round 1: After a brief soaking, 12 autoflower strains will be put into soil (about 8oz cups) under a couple CFLs. The competitors that break soil before a week go...
  5. L

    Advice needed

    Hi everyone need assistance with grow and getting round on the site
  6. S

    Name change from tommysgamenow

    Name change from tommysgamenow to sour tommy...see ya round!
  7. W

    Hello 420 newbie here

    Hello fellow enthusiasts, I am "Woodturner", I have been growing three years with some, but little success. I have previously had good results outdoors but not so much indoors. This is my third round in the tent. The first round ended in me almost killing them with flowering nutes. The second...
  8. JahMedicine

    Jah Medicine's 2nd Grow - Auto Big Devil XL- Sweet Seeds

    Okay so after a lacklustre effort on my first grow Im diving head first into my new found passion:circle-of-love: Im hoping to get some serious size on these autos this round. My setup 4x4 Tent 2 180 watt led Mars hydro (possibly adding more light) Active air 165 CFM 4 Inch Inline Fan with...
  9. O

    Nodeless tops

    I thought this was interesting and wondered how common it is? Those are one side of the top result. It is part of a second round fimming, i ended up with 6 tops on this branch.