royal queen seeds

  1. Growwithme420

    My Blue Mystic Grow

  2. Growwithme420

    My White Widow Grow

  3. Hypopotodog

    2xNL Auto 1xRoyalGorilla 1xRoyalHighnessCBD 2018

    Hello readers welcome to my 1st Journal! I'm a little late to the party (month into veg) so apologies for the lack of content during the seedling stage. Here I have 2 Northern Lights autos growing along side 1 Royal Gorilla and 1 Royal Highness. Before you say anything, I am aware it will be...
  4. S

    Cheap & Stealthy Attempt In Soil - Royal Creamatic 2017

    Hi everyone on 420mag, this is my very first post here, I've only been reading journals since now. I'm gonna explain what I am working on: I've always been very passionate about growing and this is my first attempt with autoflowering cannabis. Even though I had/have a very low budget, I still...
  5. LEDRF

    Many Auto Strains Grow - Super LEDs - Rockwool Drip System

    Alright, so I am a bit late at posting this, as I am already on day 35 from seed. So here is what we have going on. First the strains. We have lots. All strains are from Herbie Seeds. Fast Buds -- Auto Gorilla Glue #4, auto LSD, auto California Snow, Auto Six Shooter Dutch Passion --...
  6. ewilan947

    Speedy Chile - Last Batch Of The Year! - Ewilan

    "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." ― Bob Marley :welcome::Namaste::420: Welcome to my journal, this will be my Last grow of 2016. We will be growing "Speedy Chile" from Royal Queen seeds The plants are : - 4 weeks old from clone - Mother plant is 4 months old or...
  7. F

    Auto Northern Lights - Royal Queen Seeds - Hope Everybody Likes This Plant!

    Hi, i starded a little grow at the 04.03.2014 i have no Box i grow this strain under cfl 32W a month 18 hours an now is the plant on my balcony :cheer2: this plant showing now litte hairs and i think she stared to blum we have now vegi week 7! this plant looks very nice i hope you enjoy this...